Netflix’s “Squid Game” draws concern from Thai police about impact on youth

Thai police are warning youth to not imitate the violent video games from the popular Korean series on Netflix “Squid Game.” With people spending extra time at residence due to tight restrictions, corresponding to curfews and business closures, individuals are watching more TV shows and movies. The deputy spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police say they are concerned that the violence in the in style present could have a negative impression on the Thai youth and are advising parents to observe what their kids are watching.
Netflix says “Squid Game” has ranked as the number one television show on the planet for the final few weeks, and will likely turn into essentially the most streamed Netflix series of all time. It is also extraordinarily popular across social media platforms, inspiring 1000’s of TikTok movies and memes across Instagram and Twitter. The game creation platform Roblox has additionally seen some Squid Games imitations develop extraordinarily in style in the recent weeks, including in Thailand.
The premise of Squid Game is that a group of contestants who are struggling financially compete towards each other in several children’s games. The winner will obtain a considerable cash prize, however the losers are all killed. The show is a uniquely violent drama stuffed with ugly and upsetting imagery.
According to Pattaya News, deputy spokesperson of the police Colonel Kritsana Pattanacharoen says he is especially involved in regards to the effect the show will have on viewers beneath 18. In a statement to the press yesterday, the spokesperson stated he is involved that some youth may find yourself hurting themselves or others by imitating the games from the show.
“The imitation, especially in kids or young folks, may result in crime that impacts the life, physique, and property of others. ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ที่ไหนดี , therefore, have to closely supervise the use of social media and leisure content of their children to create a proper understanding and a choice of media.”

Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police General Suwat Jangyodsuk talked concerning the risks that media might doubtlessly pose to youngsters.
“All departments of the Royal Thai Police were knowledgeable and would create social consciousness to the general public. Meanwhile, members of the family ought to closely observe children’s behaviors and provides them advice on the issues.”

Pattaya News identified that the police have acquired widespread criticism online for his or her denouncement of Squid Games. Many customers have commented on the hypocrisy of the police warning the public about a violent TV show disturbing children, as they’re also performing violent crackdowns on protests and arresting minors at the same time..

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