DIN 3852-E or DIN EN ISO 1179-2?

Holocaust -E pressure connection thread standard has been invalid since 2012. The standard that has been valid since then for pipe threads (e.g. for G ¼ A) is DIN EN ISO 1179-2: “Connections for general use and fluid power – Ports and stud ends with ISO 228-1 threads with elastomeric or metal-to-metal sealing…”. Now, however, the question arises why, in pressure sensor manufacturers’ data sheets, the old DIN 3852-E standard is still found predominantly.
It is difficult to find a suitable answer to this question. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the dimensions of the threads have not changed with the new standard. Of course, such a change-over is not made overnight. Beforehand, many details have to be coordinated with various departments, such as design engineering and production planning. An all-in-all costly and lengthy process.
With WIKA, since the end of 2018, we have started to refer to the valid DIN EN ISO 1179-2 standard for new products. However, we make a reference to the old standard, “formerly DIN 3852-E”, as we are unsure how well the DIN EN ISO 1179 standard is already known to our customers. For existing products, we will gradually clean up the information, as we want to do our part to ensure that the valid DIN EN ISO 1179-2 standard is established.
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