Woman crashes automobile into comfort store after alleged assault by boyfriend in Ranong

An unfortunate automotive accident occurred near a comfort retailer close to the exit gate of Ranong Provincial Police Station at round 8.45pm yesterday, based on Ranong police. A middle-aged woman, navigating a bronze-silver Toyota Yaris with plate number กง 737 Ranong, was involved within the mishap. The automotive flipped, laying the different way up, its wheels pointing skyward.
The girl managed to crawl out of the automobile and was discovered sitting beside the wreckage, reporting that she intended to file a complaint in opposition to her boyfriend for physically assaulting her previous to the incident. She claimed that he had struck her in the mouth. Police asked her to stay calm, get medical help first, and file the complaint later.
Shortly afterwards, an ambulance from Ranong Hospital arrived to offer first assist and transport her to the hospital. During the medical help, amidst her pained cries, the woman confessed that she had been consuming alcohol at a religious ordination ceremony. Despite her claims of being abused, she refused to let the medical employees apply a tourniquet whereas she lay there on the stretcher, persisting that she needed to make a formal complaint, reported KhaoSod.
Further investigation revealed extra concerning the condition leading up to the incident. After leaving Value where she confirmed she had been drinking alcohol, the lady alleged her boyfriend had assaulted her, thus prompting her hurried journey to report him. Unfortunately, while attempting to quickly flip the car to enter Ranong Provincial Police Station, she grazed another vehicle, leading to an additional collision with a concrete barrier in front of a housing complicated near a convenience store, which resulted in her car flipping over..

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