Visa crackdown in Phuket: Over 1,000 foreigners nabbed for overstaying

A crime-free initiative in Phuket has seen vital success, with over 1,000 foreigners caught for overstaying their visas. This achievement is credited to the collaboration between the Phuket Immigration Office and 800 accommodation suppliers on the island, who have adopted crime-free measures that allow them to report any suspicious activities involving their international friends.
Phuket’s immigration chief, Thanet Sukchai, revealed that the variety of foreign visitors registered at lodging in Phuket up to now two months was over 20% higher than the number of foreign vacationers who had arrived during that point. He also talked about that the brand new database had lately assisted the police in finding a missing foreigner.
Between May 1 and 25, Immigration Police conducted raids at 1,550 focused places in Phuket, ensuing within the arrest of eleven foreigners who had overstayed their visas and 4 others who had entered Thailand illegally. The Immigration Bureau’s Information Technology Centre reported that 1,050 foreigners overstayed their visas, with 391 not staying at their registered lodging, and 228 have already left the country.
Out of the visa overstayers, 331 tourists utilized for visa extensions, 109 were reported dead, one was bedridden, and one other had obtained Thai citizenship. Legal action is being taken in opposition to solely nine overstayers, according to Thanet Sukchai.
Thanet encouraged anyone with information about tourists overstaying their visas or breaking the law in different ways to report it to the Phuket Immigration Office or through the Traffy Fondue application.
In Six-figure , Phuket Police yesterday apprehended an Australian man for inflicting harm to a passenger van in a road rage incident, specifically targeting the vehicle’s rear-view mirrors. The man, recognized solely as Navale, was taken into custody following a complaint acquired by Wichit Police yesterday morning, The Phuket News reported..

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