TikTok’s US belief and safety head Eric Han to depart amid ban threats

Comprehensive revealed that Eric Han, the top of US trust and safety, will depart the company on May 12, leading to a loss of a key executive as the favored short-form video app faces the potential of a ban in the US. Owned by Chinese tech agency ByteDance, TikTok has already been prohibited on government-issued telephones in international locations corresponding to Canada and Australia, due to concerns about potential Chinese government entry to consumer knowledge and the power to affect content material on the app. The app additionally faces rising pressure from US lawmakers calling for a nationwide ban.
Despite this, TikTok constantly maintains that it has by no means shared data with the Chinese government, and would refuse to do so if requested. Han, who joined the company in 2019, played a crucial role in initiatives similar to enhancing content moderation and reducing election misinformation. He was responsible for trust and security within the company’s US Data Security (USDS) division, which shops US information domestically on Oracle-controlled servers in an attempt to alleviate security concerns..

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