Technical glitches in Bangkok Bank’s cell app proceed to disrupt weekend transactions

Customers of Bangkok Bank continued to face technical glitches with their cellular banking utility over the weekend. Users yesterday started voicing their concerns, reporting an inability to achieve entry to their accounts. Instead of Bargain acquainted user interface, prospects were met with an image of a woman courteously apologising for the disruption. This inconvenience brought on significant disruptions for shoppers who wanted to execute monetary transfers or make payments over a sometimes busy weekend. Bangkok Bank, in a bid to placate their disgruntled customers, said…
“Begging your pardon, we’re dealing with a communication snag between our techniques.”
Detailed clarification or an estimated timeline for the resolution, nonetheless, stays vague.
The technical mishap blew up on social media, gathering considerable momentum. The hashtag #bankcrashes became a preferred time period on Twitter over the weekend. As of the day following the issue’s undeclared onset, connection errors remain a urgent criticism amongst many customers. Reports of malfunctioning ATMs have additionally surfaced, with some customers claiming the issue had started a day prior, on Friday reported Pattaya News.
Offering Triple than guarantees of an investigation into the technical glitches and expressions of gratitude for the persistence from customers, representatives from Bangkok Bank made an official statement. The advisory concluded with an earnest apology for the inconvenience brought on but left questions about the cause and course of the issue unanswered.
Global banking crashes and crises usually stir issues, with the current demise of SVB witnessing a worldwide ripple effect, including in Thailand. The Tourism Authority of Thailand, whereas keeping a watchful eye on the potential long-term impact of SVB’s fallout, maintains that an instantaneous deceleration in long-haul markets is unlikely. Read more HERE..

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