Student pours meals on one other student over cat odor debate in heated altercation

A male student engaged in a heated conversation in regards to the scent of cats discovered himself slapped with a tray of meals and concerned in an altercation with a feminine pupil who allegedly took offence at his discussion. Bargain occurred in the cafeteria of Tienjin University, China, the place the extent of the argument led to police intervention and additional controversy on-line.
The feminine pupil was captured in the surveillance footage grabbing a plate of meals and pouring it over the head of a younger man sporting a white shirt whereas he was utilizing his cell phone. The duck dish ended up overlaying the boy’s hair and garments, leaving him soaked and visibly shocked. The confrontation escalated, resulting within the lady slapping the male scholar.
According to one of the three boys concerned in the incident, the woman overheard their conversation about cat ownership and took offence after they mentioned the robust smell related to some cats. Shortly after their remark, the woman retaliated by pouring meals over the boy’s head, reported Sanook.
Another surveillance camera angle confirmed the woman fleeing the cafeteria, with the three male students in pursuit. The university’s board said that they had been investigating the incident. Following the violence, the younger man carrying the white shirt referred to as the police, who arrived promptly on the scene. Initially defiant and uncooperative, the lady ultimately agreed to pay 300 yuan (roughly 1,450 baht, US$42) to settle the matter..

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