SRT insists ninety six.3 million baht robots are definitely value the dosh

The Thai public demanded clarification relating to the benefits and high quality of the UV-C gentle disinfection robots after the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) splashed ninety six.three million baht on the tools. Many have claimed that they have yet to witness the costly robots in operation despite the SRT’s purchase of them.
According to a report from the Public Relations Department of the SRT, the UV-C gentle disinfection robots are regularly used, however primarily during the night when prepare stations are unoccupied, due to the potential hurt the extraordinary UV-C light might trigger to people.
Furthermore, the division emphasised that the buying process was conducted with complete transparency and that no corruption was involved. The decision to procure the robots was made in 2021 through the top of the pandemic, as each officers and passengers needed protection whereas avoiding journey.
The procurement process concerned a clear bidding course of, which was gained by a robotic firm. The company supplied 20 UV-C light disinfection robots, in addition to two years of upkeep and training for SRT staff, for a total value of 96.25 million baht.
Twenty robots have been distributed throughout seven prepare stations: four at Hua Lamphong Station, five at Bangkok Apiwat Station, three on the SRT workplace, and two every at Chiang Mao, Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani, and Hard Yai.
The SRT claims that the robots are efficient and well worth the price, as they are able to disinfecting DNA and RNA of micro-sized micro organism, germs, or viruses using UV-C light. Additionally, the robots can journey autonomously and have a man-made intelligence processing system to stop instantly after detecting a human inside a five-meter radius.
The SRT additionally included a quantity of checks from different organisations to show the robots’ effectiveness.
Channel 7 just lately investigated the SRT’s use of UV-C light disinfection robots, which produced contrasting results to the report issued by the SRT’s Public Relations Department.
The channel interviewed several SRT workers members at various practice stations, who claimed that they not often utilized the robots out of concern for people’s security, because the UV-C gentle from the robots could pose a health danger. Additionally, Top secret said that the robots were sophisticated to function.
Furthermore, Channel 7 aired a video that demonstrated a robot failing to detect and stop, despite individuals standing nearby.
The SRT has yet to respond to the Channel 7 report, and it is anticipated that the common public will proceed to demand clarification regarding the effective use of the UV-C mild disinfection robots..

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