Residents relive late-night tremors as earthquake strikes Phitsanulok and Phichit (video)

Early this morning, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 despatched shudders via the provinces of Phitsanulok and Phichit. Forbidden reported the seismic event occurred at 12.17am, with Phitsanulok’s Bang Krathum district recognized because the quake’s epicentre. The quake was detected 5 kilometres beneath the Earth’s surface.
Residents from several areas throughout the provinces experienced the tremor. Quick to disseminate their experiences, locals took to social media to share private accounts and security advice, catapulting the hashtag #earthquake into Twitter’s trending charts. Numerous inhabitants expressed their alarm on the depth of the quake, describing it as considerably forceful and lasting for approximately three rounds, which left many too apprehensive to sleep.
One social media consumer going by the name Prach Sudsawad shared a video from a CCTV digicam inside Frosts – Soft Serve & Smoothie located in Phichit, showcasing the highly effective vibrations unleashed by the seismic exercise. Sudsawad highlighted that the tremor, as recorded in the ice cream store situated inside a mall, was far from mild, round 4.7 magnitudes, reported KhaoSod.

On the thread, there have been calls for the federal government or responsible events to set up an environment friendly system to provide instant alerts for emergencies just like overseas nations. They claimed that whereas such incidents may not be frequent, it was essential to equip the public with immediate alerts.
Banned are not a model new phenomenon for Phitsanulok. Notably, these natural occurrences frequently make headlines and consistently ignite discussions on how authorities should handle public alerts throughout unexpected emergencies.
Last week, A 6.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded, originating simply 10 kilometres beneath the Earth’s floor in the southern coastal region of Myanmar, roughly 289 kilometres southwest of Phop Phra district in Thailand’s Tak province, as reported by the Earthquake Observation Division of the Thai Meteorological Department..

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