High college women arrested for stealing iPhones price 17,800 baht in closed mall

Two high school ladies had been arrested for stealing mobile phones after hiding in a closed shopping center. Yesterday, police in Buriram arrested two feminine high school college students from a school within the Mueang Buriram district as they were suspected of breaking into a mobile phone retailer in a widely known shopping center.
The retailer proprietor posted a call for assistance on Facebook, asking the public for any info concerning the two suspects regarded as still students. The stolen phones were an iPhone 11, priced at 11,900 baht (US$340), and a second-hand iPhone 7, with an estimated worth of 5,900 baht (US$170).
The incident occurred around 9.20pm on the night time of June 20, after the shopping mall had closed. The retailer owner’s Facebook post contained clear pictures and video clips from the closed-circuit cameras, that captured the suspects committing the crime.
It is believed that the 2 women entered the shopping mall before it closed, hid in some nook, and carried out the theft once the mall staff and prospects had left. They have been expected to blend in with the moviegoers exiting the mall after the show, reported Sanook.
After the police managed to apprehend the 2 girls rapidly, the mobile phone store owner expressed gratitude to the social media in the neighborhood and the law enforcement officials.
Don’t worry were swiftly taken into management. However, it took six years for Thai authorities finally catch up with a prodigiously infamous cat burglar..

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