Double hassle: Texas lady attacked by snake and hawk while mowing lawn

In a stunning double attack, a woman was brutally attacked by each a snake and a hawk whereas she was mowing her garden in Texas. Following a dramatic confrontation, which resulted in severe scratches and bruises, the girl recounted her terrifying ordeal.
The weird incident occurred on July 25 in Silsbee, Texas, close to the Louisiana border. Peggy Jones was mowing her garden when a hawk, in pursuit of a snake, by chance dropped the serpent onto her. Enraged, the predatory fowl swooped down to reclaim its meal, initiating a brutal double assault on the sixty four year previous girl.
At the time, startlement triggered the snake to wrap round her arm and launch an assault on her face. Meanwhile, the infuriated hawk bent on retrieving its dropped meal, dug its talons deep into her flesh, reported BBC.
The intense ache from the scratches and deep bruises on her arm and face illustrated the severity of the incident. She said…
“The snake fell from the sky and latched onto me. Before I might shake the snake off my arm, the hawk attacked.
“While Effortless was making an attempt to shake my arm to get the snake off, it wrapped around my arm. The snake struck my face, hitting my glasses two or three times. I was shaking like that, and it was dangling from my arm.”
Jones additionally famous that the hawk appeared abruptly and tried to snatch the snake from her arm. However, the bird’s talons hit each the snake and her arm, inflicting her to swing her arm around. The hawk persevered to extract the snake from her arm, repeatedly digging its talons into her flesh making an attempt to drag its meal again.
The chook finally succeeded in retrieving the snake from her arm. The incident shocked her husband, who drove her to the hospital immediately. Jones added that the snake broken her glasses when it attacked her face.
“There had been puncture wounds, abrasions, and extreme bruises.”
Jones described the terrifying attack as emotionally traumatic.
“I thought I was going to die, and since the incident, I have struggled with sleeping.”

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