Award winning Thai author and journalist dies

An award successful Thai creator who fled Thailand in 2014 has passed away in France due to health reasons, according to his daughter. The author, Wat Wallayangkoon, wrote the novel Transitor Love Story, which was tailored into a movie in 2001. The story is a couple of rural man who dreams of changing into a singer. Wat won a prestigious Thai award in 2007.
Wat became well known in 1976 when Thailand was in the middle of a political uprising. After the notorious Thammasat Massacre, when police and Right Wing groups killed no less than forty six activists and college students, Wat fled Bangkok and hid in a forest. There, he wrote tales, novels, and poems.
โซล่าเซลล์ was charged with lese majeste after Thailand’s 2014 coup. He fled to Cambodia and Laos. He moved to France in 2019.
Wat’s daughter, Wajana, announced in a Facebook submit yesterday that Wat died on Monday as a result of being “seriously ill” with out specifying what condition he had. Wajana stated it was hard to be her father’s daughter as a end result of he needed to flee Thailand. Yet, she said she couldn’t think about life with out her father.
“It wasn’t that tough because of my father. It’s onerous because this country is the place folks like my father can’t live”. Wat was 67 years previous when he passed away. In addition to being an author, he also worked as a journalist.
SOURCE: Bangkok Post | IMDB | TIME

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