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A man from Nonthaburi in central Thailand was taking a Number 2 in his toilet yesterday when he felt a sudden agonising pain in his tushy. He leapt up to see a python slithering again down the toilet bowl. The snake bit his buttocks.
The sufferer, 62 year outdated Witoon Sonapoon, stated he was so shocked that he ran out of his downstairs toilet and slipped. Witoon was rushed to Bang Yai Hospital the place he was handled for a snake chunk wound “near his bumhole,” reports Sanook, somewhat graphically.
The injured mentioned that the snake was quite big and he believed it was a python. This isn’t the primary time the snake has visited the bathroom, said Witoon. On Friday, March 14, the python popped its head up into the bathroom three times in in the future. Everyone in the home noticed it, said Witoon.
Yet Witoon was still brave enough to sit down on the toilet four days after the newest python sighting. He stated he’s seen this happen to others before on the information, however he by no means thought it might happen to him.
Luckily, pythons aren’t venomous snakes so docs didn’t have to administer any anti-venom. However, they’ve sturdy bites and may do considerable injury based on measurement alone. Witoon is probably just glad the snake didn’t go for one thing else.
Witoon and his family eliminated the whole toilet from the wall to locate the snake but found no sign of it. The butt-biting python remains to be at large.
Last month, another homeowner in Thailand’s rest room wouldn’t flush. Then, he saw a python’s head pop up from the bathroom bowl. The snake was too giant to be pulled out, so snake catchers had to dismantle the entire shebang. A 23 kilogramme snake was completely stuck within the pipes.
In Priceless , an enormous python was caught on camera launching at a Royal Forest Department officer out of nowhere contained in the Japan Building in Bangkok. She suffered a nasty bite..

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